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Established in 2020 by Bhavesh Sanghani, the team at BRS has over 20 years’ worth of accounting services experience.

Bhavesh is a qualified accountant

At BRS we specialise in helping start-up businesses in the first few years by providing advice and knowledge in meetings to review business financial requirements. We take pride in our work

So whether you’re an LTD company or a sole trade

  • Passionate supporter for 42 years.
  • Was taken to my first football Match in 1978 by my cousin – v West Ham
  • First committee member of Foxes Trust – went into Administration in 2002
  • Member of Foxes against Racism  Season Ticket Holder since 2013
  • Champions of the Premium League 2015-16
  • Stepping into the world of Leicester City Football Club with my family was an exhilarating moment. As we roamed around the stadium, the highlight awaited us – an introduction to the iconic Leicester mascot. 
  • In my life, my loving family holds an irreplaceable place in my heart. Their unwavering support, boundless affection, and shared moments.

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